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Youth Jiu Jitsu Program

Kids Jiu-Jitsu classes are fun!
Super Guerrillas 3-5

All kids need coordination early in life to handle the many life challenges they will face. This class is geared to give your child the ability to move quicker, stronger and more smoothly as they learn the fundamental self-defense movements of Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu! Your child will gain confidence and have fun as they learn to work together with other children improving their coordination and Martial Arts Skills!


Our kids go through a series of obstacle courses, training exercises, and technical movements that will increase their mobility, endurance, and boost confidence. 


Class length is 30 minutes.  Your child will learn a series of drills and techniques to coordinate their bodies and prepare them for the youth fundamental jiu-jitsu program, which starts at age 5.

Fundamentals Jiu Jitsu 5-15

Our youth curriculum is 25 lessons covering the most effective jiu-jitsu techniques for self-defense and anti bullying.  These techniques are not solely physical. It is a general mindset including, but not limited to:


1. Bully awareness and avoidance. We don’t create bullies at Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu; we create respectful, young martial artists capable of handling themselves in an appropriate manner.

2. How to work with a group of peers in quest of a common goal.

3. Team building and camaraderie.

4. Increased levels of self-confidence that is applicable on the mats during training, in the classroom at school and life in general.

Kids slef defense jiu-jitsu class
Learn how to escape bad positions in our kids jiu-jitsu classes.
Youth Competition Team (Invite Only)

To be considered for the Youth Competiton Team you must exude at all times the 3 major princleples of the Fundamentals class.  They must attend 30 classes before being considered.  Team membership can be revoked at any time due to non-adherence of these principles.  Please ask your instructor for more information on how your child can  become a competition team member.

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